A Film ‘Circle Voice (Provisional Title) 


will be completed in 2019!





Project Aim

To spread Circle Voice - a social sound project lead by musician Takuji Aoyagi, by capturing its entity and energy in film form.


Project Summary

The second feature documentary film by Toshinori Tanaka, since Super Local Hero. The film follows Aoyagi in post-disaster country as he reunites consciousness to harmonize through Circle Voice.
To help spread what is primarily an experience only for the participants of the event, the film focuses on the meaning and the motivation behind the project. The audience will leave the theatre with the sense of having experienced Circle Voice. This is a film that touches the audience on a visceral level, through sonic and cinematic experience.

‘Circle Voice’

Circle Voice’ is a participatory concert in which Aoyagi along with the audience create a melodic soundscape, using tribal sounds and scat singing methods.
The phrases given to the audience, with no particular meaning, are sounds that anyone of any race can sing along to.


On the day, individual voices naturally come together to compose an audience-specific harmony, making each event unique. The fresh, rippling sounds of the voices follow the ancient rhythm of the guitar, unearthing something buried deep within our DNAs. “Music reminds us that we are always a vital part of an entity. This is one of the most important effects it has on us since the beginning of time.”







Takuji Aoyagi





He was born into a family of classical guitarists in Tokyo on December 8th, 1971. He picked up a guitar at the age of 3 and started learning the piano and percussions.

In 1990, after the appearance on the audition TV program, He made a debut with the band, Little Creatures.
In 1991, he studied abroad in England. Living in England for one year, he encountered live sounds of musicians, who gathered from all over the world. After coming back to Japan, he had a number of albums released with the band, Double Famous, and as a solo musician under the names of KAMA AINA and Takuji Aoyagi.
He had an album of KAMA AINA released from labels in England and Denmark and toured in those countries.
He also produced music collections of Sicily and Hawaii Islands, an album of musicians playing at Metro stations in Paris, a Mix CD of a collaboration with a fashion designer, and various other artists.
He composed music for film, theatre, and TV program and presented his works as a poet and a photographer as well.

In 2010, he moved to Yanbaru (the northern mountain area) in Okinawa. He started learning folk musics in various areas of Japan and holistic therapy. In 2013, as a new project, he started “CIRCLE VOICE”, a participatory concert where the audiences voices flow in whirls, in Yanbaru, the mountain area of Northern Okinawa.

In 2016, he published a picture book “Kagaribi (Bonfire)” and released UA’s “Japo” which he produced and Little Creatures’ “Michi no Album (The Unknown Album)”. He is currently touring nationwide with both of them.