Toshinori Tanaka


Born 1981 in Fukuyama city, Hiroshima, Japan, Tanaka is a Filmmaker, a Lecturer at Fukuyama University and the Vice Director of Nonprofit Organization iD Onomichi.

After studying Filmmaking at Cavendish College London, Tanaka worked on many films, commercials and music videos within the UK. Following the Earthquake disaster in northeast Japan, he returned to settle in a small seaside town of Onomichi, in Hiroshima prefecture.

His feature documentary film Super Local Hero (2014) shot in Onomichi was widely received across the globe, becoming part of the official listing at 30th Warsaw Film Festival (Poland) and Camera Japan Festival 2014 (Netherlands). It continues to tour in and out of Japan. Latest feature film 'RESONANCE' will release in 2020.






1981年、広島県生まれ。尾道市在住。大学を卒業したのちロンドンに留学。Cavendish College Londonで映像制作を学び、卒業後はフリーランスとしてドラマ・CM・MV・広告写真など制作。311後に帰国。尾道にてドキュメンタリー映画『スーパーローカルヒーロー』(2014年)を完成させ、第30回ワルシャワ国際映画祭ドキュメンタリー部門ノミネート。国内外150ヶ所以上で上映。最新作『ひびきあうせかい RESONANCE』は2020年9月5日より新宿K'sシネマほか全国公開。

映像以外にも『オカネイラズ』『YOU THINK 3.11』『iD ONOMICHI FILM FESTIVAL』など、社会に関わる取り組みを企画・プロデュース。




An independent film production, distributor, publisher and seller based in Onomichi, Japan.